Geometrics is teaming with Sierra Romeo, LLC to produce and market the Rogue Detection System (RDS) designed for surveillance and interdiction of Person-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (PBIED’s) and concealed weapons. Based on Geometrics state of the art high speed high sensitivity cesium vapor magnetometers and unique and easy to use operator software, the system can detect ferrous materials used in PBIED’s (nails, ball bearings, screws) and other weapons containing magnetic materials such as steel and nickel.

The threshold detection system is easy to calibrate and can be set up by one person. The RDS comprises two sensor systems in camouflaged containers (road cones or other barriers) and an automatic computer based control and alarm system. Sensitivity is set through sensor separation and a one-step operator setting. False positives are minimized through the use of infrared motion detection combined with the magnetic gradiometer system.

Originally designed for and used by the US Military, RDS has been reengineered for commercial and civilian security monitoring use.



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